Concerned Woman Breaks Into Neighbor’s House To Find Their Dogs Starving To Death

The world is filled with all sorts of heroes and not all of these heroes come in the variety that we expect them to. Heroes are often found in places where we least expect them and this story is a prime example of that. The woman in the story that you are about to read is now a hero to a couple of lucky dogs that were able to avoid a horrific fate, all because she was willing to intervene when no one else would.

Katie realized that a home in her neighborhood had been abandoned and instead of turning a blind eye to the situation, she decided to help. The owners of the home left without finding a new home for their two dogs first and the animals were left inside tied up. Katie was not about to let these animals suffer and she took initiative during a moment when the pups were most in need of her help.

Once she located the malnourished animals, she contacted the local RSPCA and placed them into their care. The owners had apparently moved out of the home for good, but would still come back to check on the dogs from time to time. This does not sound like the most logical method for ensuring their continued health and safety and we are appalled that these people found this sort of behavior to be acceptable.

The animals had spent months alone living in squalor and by the time they were finally removed, their ribs had become noticeably visible. While these dogs have experienced one of the worst tragedies that an animal can go through, they are fortunate enough to have been given a well deserved second chance at life because of Katie’s heroic actions.

Thanks to her efforts, these animals are no longer forced to live in such terrible conditions and they are well on the road to recovery. It is easy to imagine what would have taken place had Katie not been willing to take the first step in this situation and we hope that these dogs are able to find a forever home where they are going to be treated with the love and respect that they truly deserve.

Justice needs to be done in these instances and we cannot abide nonsensical behavior like this any longer. If you are moving and cannot take your pets with you, place them in a shelter or a rescue immediately!

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