Cop Caught Saying He’s Going To Kill A Dog Just Because He Doesn’t Like Dogs

Police are supposed to be patrolling our neighborhoods with the intentions of servicing the populace as needed and keeping them safe from the threats that are posed by the criminal underworld. When we find out about officers who are doing the exact opposite, it breaks our heart and this story about a group of officers who decided to hurt animals is a true tearjerker.

This story takes place in Saint Claire Shores and involves a lab mix who found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Lexie had been left outside by mistake and when her ailing and elderly owner did not let her back in a timely fashion, she started to bark to let him know that she was trapped outside. What she did not realize was that she was about to attract the wrong sort of attention.

You would think that the neighbors would come over and knock on the door themselves to get the man’s attention before calling the police to intervene. You would also think that the police would be understanding of the situation and try their best to help all parties involved. However, this is not what happened and what took place will make those who implicitly trust the police think twice going forward.

The neighbors contacted the police and once the officers arrived, their intent was malicious. They did not want to assist the elderly man and they decided to focus their attentions on the innocent dog who had been trapped outside. The dog was shot several times and while they claimed that the animal had charged at them, we have a very hard time believing that.

We find it difficult to buy the story that an innocent 45 pound dog was able to frighten a group of trained police officers to the extent that they felt as if they had to shoot her. These cops had no intentions of being helpful and only wanted to hurt an innocent animal who had done nothing wrong to them. What a horrific end to a situation that did not have to go this route.

Witnesses were on the scene disagreed with the story that was offered by their police officers and they claim that Lexie was cowering when the officers arrived. Please share this clip so that we can raise awareness about this awful incident and put a stop to murderous police officers once and for all.

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