Cop Collapses Escorting Inmates In A Cemetery, They Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

Working in law enforcement is not an easy job and you simply never know what can happen when you are tasked with duties that are this important. This story is an example of what can happen when an officer is placed in a position where they are left vulnerable and its ending will definitely surprise you.

This story takes place in Polk County, where these inmates were put to work at a local cemetery in order to ensure that it would look its best for Father’s Day. The temperatures were fairly low, but the humidity was extremely high and before the inmates even knew what had happened, the officer responsible for watching them had collapsed.

While most would imagine that they took the officer’s weapons and vehicle and ran off into a new world of freedom, this is the exact opposite of what took place. They used the officer’s phone to call 911 and they removed his vest so that his body could cool down. These inmates were even prepared to perform CPR!

The officer was then removed from this work detail, but thanks to the quick thinking of these inmates, he is expected to make a full recovery. The inmates’ good deed was recognized, as they were given a chance to enjoy some desserts and food at the local park.

These inmates may have made some poor choices in the past, but they must be commended for their actions in this scenario. Their first instinct was not to think of themselves or escaping to freedom, but to help an officer who was in need of assistance. This story is certainly proof that there is good to be found in anyone.

Please share this incredible tale with your closest friends and family members. This amazing clip definitely needs to be seen by a wider audience and we are glad that we live in a world where even those who are considered to be criminals are still willing to do the right thing when the opportunity presents itself.

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