Cops writes a heartbreaking tribute to his faithful K9 partner who died


Police officers have a very difficult job to do, as they have no idea whether they will make it home alive at the end of every shift. Unfortunately for our police officers, death is a regular part of the job and they are asked to put their partners to rest on a consistent basis.

The cop in this story did not have to lay a partner to rest in the traditional sense, but he did have to say goodbye to someone who meant a great deal to him. Instances like these are certainly sad occasions and the tribute that he wrote to his fallen comrade will definitely touch your heart.


Officer Troy Caisey works with the Boston police department and the partner that he had to say goodbye was not a human, but his faithful canine companion Bronson. When Bronson passed away, Troy had a difficult time composing his emotions and he found it easier to get his feelings out in written form.

The officer and the canine served together for eight years and their bond stretched well beyond the typical call of duty. Bronson died of a sudden illness and had been by Troy’s side since he was just a 12 week old puppy.


Troy’s tribute is sure to tug at your heartstrings. He speaks of the long journey that they took together, about the countless number of shifts that they spent alongside each other, even the very last night of Bronson’s life, when Troy had his head in his lap and spoke to him.

It is certainly never easy to say goodbye to our four legged friends and Troy’s task is especially difficult. Fortunately, Bronson’s memory will always live on through Troy. The life of a police dog always deserves honor and recognition, so be sure to pass this story along to your closest friends and family members.

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