Couple Both Celebrates 80th Anniversary. Shares Heartwarming Secret To Successful Marriage

For those of us who attend weddings on a regular basis and wish to have a relationship just like our grandparents, the prospect of finding that special someone can often seem far more difficult than necessary. Seeing people who have been married for 50 or even 60 years instills a certain jealousy inside of us. After all, who wouldn’t love to have an everlasting partner to take this journey of life with?

True love is all around us and the Michigan couple in this story is definitely a prime example of that. They are 99 years old and their marriage has now lasted for an astounding 80 years! Yes, you read that last sentence right….80 years! Vivian and Donald met outside of a church back in 1937 and the rest was history. Donald walked her home and the two hit it off immediately.

They did not have a big, huge wedding, opting for a smaller and more intimate gathering with their closest friends and loved ones instead. Donald fought in World War II after the wedding was over and while he was unable to find a job that paid him enough money to properly care for his wife, the two banded together and decided that they would do everything in their power to keep the relationship strong.

Donald speaks of the importance of laughing together and being careful not to make too many jokes at each other’s expense. As for Vivian, her secret to a good marriage happens to be a rather simple one: always be sure to put God first in everything that you do and the rest will take care of itself!

Donald and Vivian are a shining example of what can happen when two people are willing to stick it out through thick and thin. They pray together each and every night and it is tough to argue with the results that they have received. The happy couple even celebrated their anniversary at the assisted living home that they share, surrounded by their closest friends and loved ones.

The love that these two share is more than evident and if you would like to get to know this couple a little bit better, we’ve provided you with an awesome video that will give you a closer glimpse into their marriage’s inner workings. We wish these two lovebirds all of the best and hope that they have several wonderful anniversaries ahead of them.

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