This Couple Got Married At Walmart And Their Wedding Is Seriously Goals

We have all had that moment where an attractive coworker catches our eye and in many instances, we will decide that the complications associated with workplace romance are simply too much to ignore. There are a number of challenges to overcome in addition to the usual relationship problems, so the prospect of a workplace relationship ending in marriage seems far fetched.

However, David and Merissa met while working at Connecticut Wal-Mart and even though there are many readers who are already rolling their eyes at this prospect, the two have developed a long term connection that has been able to stand the test of time (and workplace gossip). When they decided that they were ready to tie the knot, they chose to do so in the only place that truly made sense to them: a Wal-Mart store.

This couple is unable to tell you who is responsible for making the first move, as they have the sort of bond that almost seems written in the stars. While they knew that their feelings for one another were undeniable, they also knew that certain professional barriers would keep them from potentially connecting. Since David worked for asset protection and Merissa was a customer service manager, it would seem to be a conflict of interests for them to engage in a romantic relationship.

Once David switched to the unloading of goods instead, their path to marriage became much easier. They became engaged just months after they began to date and while the two were madly in love, their financial situation did not allow them to get married in a befitting location. The idea of getting married at Wal-Mart started off as a joke and soon began to gain traction.

The more they started to think about the idea, the more it started to make sense to them. The place that they come everyday to go to work would now become the place where they got married. All of their friends work there and these friends have definitely become family members of sorts over the years.

The only challenge that David and Merissa face now that they are married is the constant deluge of questions about their union from nosy costumers. But they are not the only couple to find love in a Wal-Mart. A 75 year old Wal-Mart employee recently reunited with his ex-wife after spending 13 years apart! Be sure to share this touching tale with your closest friends and loved ones.

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