Couple Is Overjoyed With Their Newborn Twins, Then The Doctor Comes In And Says ‘I’m Sorry’

When it comes to the phrase “I’m sorry”, there are a number of contexts where these words are used and while they can be used to convey a genuine sense of empathy, they are also used in a manner that indicates sarcasm. However, once these words are uttered by a medical professional in the confines of a hospital, there are very few interpretations to be made.

The family in this story had to hear these fateful words in a UK hospital six years ago and when they heard the words “I’m sorry” from their doctor, their initial impression was vastly different from the impression that they have today. They had already welcomed their son Finlay into the world and decided to try for another child not long after.

They considered themselves to be well prepared for the experience and had taken every precaution necessary. While mother Jodi had gone through a miscarriage before Finlay was born, she was bound and determined to avoid another tragic incidence of this nature.

She was incredibly anxious before her checkup scan and when she saw the child’s heartbeat, she squeezed her husband Matt’s hand and let out a cry of relief.

At this time, she received an incredibly shocking piece of news. There was a second baby growing inside of her! They would soon be adding twin girls to their family. This is where the story took a bit of a sad turn, as the twins were born six weeks premature and had to stay in the neonatal ward of the hospital, so that they could receive further medical attention.

After the care proved to be ineffective, the words “I’m sorry” were used to break the news to Jodi and Matt that their twins were born with Down Syndrome.

While the parents recovered from this shock, they were then handed a second piece of crushing news: one twin was deaf and the other had a hole in her heart. The process of caring for the twins has been hard, but the parents were more than willing to embrace it.

The twins are now six years old and their condition has improved to the point where they can now attend mainstream schools.

Instead of wallowing in the sadness of their children’s condition, they decided to overcome.

These little girls have become a blessing and the parents now say that they do not even know what the doctor could have possibly been saying “I’m sorry” for.

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