Couple Was Shocked To See Their Twins In This Position During Ultrasound Test


Carissa and Randy became pregnant with twins and while this is a miracle that every couple should be grateful for, these two received an even greater surprise that will shock our readers. They paid a visit to Fetal Imaging Center (a Pennsylvania based facility) and they were given the chance to take a closer look at their ultrasound.


They saw something very unusual during the ultrasound, something that forced them to have to take a second look. The parents to be were absolutely stunned at first, but once they finally finished doing a collective take, what they saw touched their hearts in a very profound way.


The children were developing in a healthy manner inside of Carrisa’s womb and most couples would have been happy with this development alone. But Randy and Carissa noticed that the children seemed to be doing something inside of the womb that few children ever do.


From the looks of the ultrasound, the twins appeared to be kissing each other. Yes, you read that right, the two wins were kissing and the image of the moment that these two unborn children locking lips is one that is sure to touch your heart and hit you directly in your feels.


This story provides us with another great example of all the benefits that scientific advances and medical technology have to offer us. We wish Randy and Carrissa all of the best and hope that their journey as parents is every bit as rewarding as they have hoped and dreamed.


We now await the arrival of these sweet little babies and if you enjoyed this story as much we did, you will want to share it with your closest friends and family members on Facebook. Spread the love and pass it along, so that your loved ones can share in this special moment with you.


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