Coworkers made fun of retard costume, so Dad shows them picture of daughter with Down Syndrome

For the most part, we’d like to think that adults are very mature people who are capable of accepting all differences and behaving in the proper manner. However, we regularly receive reminders that certain adults do not deserve the benefits that are associated with this assumption. Bullying is not just a problem for children to deal with and adults are forced to live in a world where immature forms of cruelty still exist.

Instead of allowing age to give us wisdom and empathy, some adults elect to become even bigger jerks and act like overgrown versions of the same bullies that they dealt with in school. A mother named Shannon recently took to the Love What Matters page on Facebook to share an eye opening story about an incident that took place at her husband Dustin’s place of work.

One of Dustin’s coworkers decided to regale everyone with an off color story about how his brother had attended a recent Halloween party and was dressed as a “retard” (his words, not ours.) Dustin is the father of a child who suffers from Down’s Syndrome and was understandably offended by this moment of extreme ignorance. He stood up for his daughter and decided to teach these bullies a lesson they wouldn’t forget.

After allowing the men to enjoy their laugh, he decided to interject with a question about what a “retard” would actually look like. The man who was telling the awful story seemed to miss the point completely, until Dustin pulled out his phone and showed them pictures of his daughter Raegan. He asked the men if his beautiful child also looked like a “retard” and the backpedaling soon began.

It was at this time that he explained to the group why the word was such an insult to him and why no one needs to be dressing up as whatever their idea of a mentally disabled person would be. While this conversation was probably not comfortable for all parties involved, it was a necessary one and we are glad that Dustin summoned the courage to have it.

This story serves as a valuable reminder that the R word has zero place in modern society and that there are a multitude of words that we can use in its place. No one’s child deserves to be looked upon as a joke and we sure hope that the man who told the story which triggered Dustin’s reaction thinks twice before speaking in such a boorish manner in public ever again.

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