Customer leaves her backpack in the store, worker makes a horrifying discovery when he opens it

For most of us, the concept of looking inside of an abandoned backpack might be too much to bear, but for one Arizona passerby, this has a moment that changed their life forever. This story takes place at a Food City in Tempe, where a shopper alerted the the manager of the store about the suspicious backpack that they found in the parking lot.

Once the backpack was opened, the most startling discovery was made and we wish that people would stop to think about the consequences of these decisions before they made them. A newborn child was residing inside of the backpack and from the looks of it, the little girl was all of 24 hours old.

To make matters even worse, the child’s umbilical cord remained attached, which means that the parents involved wasted no time in abandoning her. The manager contacted the authorities immediately and was asked to confirm that all of the baby’s vital signs were intact.

The baby’s cries confirmed that she was alive and well and despite the horrific ordeal she had endured, she remained beautiful. Thanks to this manager’s decisive actions, the child is now spending time at a local hospital, where she is recovering from the terrible experience that she was forced to endure.

The police are currently looking for leads and trying to find out more about who the child’s parents are. The parents are not actually in violation of any laws, as Arizona’s safe haven ordinances allow parents to drop babies at certain locations without having to experience the fear of prosecution.

While the parents have not technically done anything wrong in this instance, this story definitely needs to be shared with a wider audience, so that awareness can be raised about the importance of proper preparation before childbirth. Thanks to the compassionate heart of one special man, a child’s life was saved.

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