Son Comes Up With A Brilliant Plan To Help His Dad With Alzheimer’s Remember His Family

Alzheimer’s is a mean and rotten disorder that robs us of one of the few things that no one is supposed to be able to take away from us: our memories. Anyone who has ever watched in horror as their loved ones’ memories fade away can tell you that this is one of the most heartbreaking diseases that a person can ever experience. Ted McDermott was forced to go through this all too common struggle.

His family is now left to grapple with the effects of the disorder. Every day is a constant battle to make him remember facts about his life that once came to him with relative ease. When Ted was a younger man, he used to travel around England and perform music for adoring crowds of people. His son Mac used these experiences as a jumping off point for an awesome plan.

He was going to use these past singing exploits as the key to unlock his father’s lost memories. When he decided to sing with his dad, the most amazing thing happened. Singing the songs of his youth has jogged some of his memories loose. Mac now sings with his father every single chance that he gets. What an inspired idea!

As anyone who is a true lover of music can tell you, we often attach memories to certain songs. There is a reason why we are still able to recite the songs that we listened to as kids from memory. There is something about music that burrows into our brains and keeps us from forgetting important events in our lives. For some, music can even serve as a mental device that allows us to remember individual people.

Mac and Ted have since decided to record an album full of Dad’s old favorites. They are selling the project as a means of raising money for Alzheimer’s research and we are here to support them in any way possible. This dynamic duo are nearly 60 percent of the way to their goal. Please be sure to pass along this video in order to help them reach their desired objective.

You can also head to their Justgiving page if you would like to donate money without purchasing their album. If you wish to assist Mac and Ted in reaching their goal, then take the time to pass this story along to all of your closest friends and family members.

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