Dad and 4-yr-old daughter start singing a duet. Seconds later, my heart melts

The internet’s just found it’s next lil’ star. And she goes by the name of Claire Ryann. Along with her dad, Dave Cross, they’ve performed the most incredible duet of the Toy Story classic.

Claire Ryann’s voice just melts my heart. Although she’s only four years old, Claire is already an accomplished singer, and together with her dad and his guitar, she’s become a true Internet sensation.

At the start of this clip, Claire’s dad starts singing “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” alone. But after a verse or so, Claire takes over and a couple seconds later, I was covered in goose bumps. What a wonderful little girl!

In less than a week the video has amassed nearly 2 million views on YouTube and thousands of shares on Facebook. One user on YouTube commented asking, ‘Did anyone else cry?’ And the answer is most definitely yes, including us.

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