Dad Complains About School Drop Off Lines And Parents Everywhere Agree With Him

It seemed as if summer was just getting started when it was suddenly time for the kids to go back to school again. Not only has this affected the children, it is also affecting the parents, who have to adjust to the new year.

Most parents appreciate the break they get at home once the kids go back to school but there is also some stress associated with it as well. Perhaps one of the most stressful situations that parents experience is the drop off line at school. It is a never-ending line of cars that stretches in both directions and as the parents clamor to get their children dropped off on time.

Every parent that drops their kids off at school must face this problem but one father from Indian Trail, North Carolina decided to poke some fun at the situation. His post is all about drop off etiquette and it has gone viral because it is painfully true.

Daniel Danielewicz posted this to Facebook on the eve of the first day of school. He wanted all of his fellow parents to have a proper warning about drop-off procedure.

He began with the words “I’m only going to say this once” and continued:

“If you have to bathe or dress your kid, comb their hair, scramble them an egg and write them a send off letter before they can exit the car – YOU DO NOT BELONG IN THE SCHOOL DROP OFF LINE.

Only people who raised their kids to jump out of the car with backpacks loaded like they are storming the beaches of Normandy while the car is at a slow roll are allowed in the drop off line. I will be giving stink eye warnings today but tomorrow I’m issuing citations.”

People everywhere were liking, replying to and sharing this post by the thousands. They knew that he was telling the truth and they loved it.

He said that the most outrageous examples that he posted were tongue-in-cheek but they are totally real.

“I was kind of making a joke for Union County, and it just went viral,” he told NBC Charlotte.

“I’ve seen people combing their kids’ hair, letting them finish their cereal, truly amazing.”

Any parent who drops their kids off is aware of the stress of the drop-off line. It can be funny but it is not always fun and games.

The long line of parents and cars outside of schools during the morning and afternoon hours is a serious issue. It can even be life-threatening for kids.

According to a study by York University and the Hospital for Sick Children, young pedestrians are more likely to be struck by a car during this time.

If you are frustrated over the lineup at your school, there are some things you can do to correct the problem.

– Let the school Council and PTA know about the problem so they are pressured to correct it. You should also meet up with like-minded parents to swap ideas.

– Volunteers can be organized to police the line and keep rule breakers from ruling the chaos.

– Find better areas for loading and unloading children, including someplace that is far away from parking lots and school buses.

If your school is not willing to go along with your wishes, you might find that walking your kids to school is a more relaxing option.

You might also find that parking a few blocks from the school so that you can commute but stay away from the irritated parents is a good idea.

You can also try carpooling or using apps, such as GoKid to organize things with other parents. If you have more children in a carpool, you have fewer cars in line.

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