Dad Snaps Photo Of His Son, Looks Closer At The Photo And Reveals Parents’ Worst Nightmare

When little Jaxson was born, his parents were more than happy to welcome him into the world. Emily and Owen thought that they were taking pictures with the intention of creating memories, but they had no idea that they were actually capturing a nightmare. Once Owen took a closer look at the photos that were snapped, he noticed that the child had a small white glare over his right eye.

Meanwhile, the other eye had the usual red eye that you will see in most pictures of this nature. While some parents might have chalked the white glare up to a camera malfunction, Emily and Owen were not about to take any chances. The white glare continued to show up in various pictures and they decided that it was time to take the child to a general practitioner.

It is always better for a parent to be safe than sorry. Those who do not have children of their own might feel as if their concerns were much ado about nothing. On the other hand, parents who are reading this are probably already nodding in agreement with the actions of Owen and Emily. Sadly, the little boy was eventually diagnosed with a cancer of the eye known as retinoblastoma.

They were given a choice. They could either subject the child to chemotherapy or they could remove the eye completely. After taking some time to consider it, they chose the former option and attempted to save Jaxson’s eye. As you might have expected, these treatments took a massive toll on the child’s tiny little body over the course of time.

The tumor has been shrunken significantly as a result of these treatments and doctors believe that Jaxson will soon be able to cease his chemotherapy regimen. It might be hard to believe that such a significant ailment could be found with the usage of a simple camera, but this story goes to show that you never know how these types of medical issues will reveal themselves.

This is the sort of story that needs to be used to warn other parents and we urge you to pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones. We are glad to hear that Jaxson’s future prognosis is a positive one and parents everywhere should be as proactive as his family was. Check out the video below to learn more about the little boy’s amazing story.

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