Dad In Tears After Bullies Call Son A ‘Monster.’ Dad Decides To Give Them A Piece Of His Mind

Bullying is something that most of us will go through during the course of our lives. Our kids are particularly susceptible to this type of behavior and it breaks our hearts to see children ganging up on each other. While steps are being taken to remove taunting and bullying from our schools, it is still a major problem that persists to this day.

Bullies often speak from a place of misunderstanding. In some cases, they may be the victims of bullying themselves. However, that does not provide a bully with an excuse to be mean to a child who is different from themselves. Children with physical and/or mental disorders have a right to the same treatment as any other child. To put an end to this nasty behavior, parents and teachers need to educate children properly.

Jackson is a special little boy who recently experienced a great deal of bullying for something that he is unable to control. He was minding his own business and eating breakfast one day when a group of kids decided to taunt him. They called him a monster because of his Treacher Collins Syndrome. The disorder causes his facial tissues and bones to develop in a different manner.

Dan, Jackson’s father, heard about this awful incident and was moved to tears. Seeing his son get treated this poorly because of something that he was born with hurt him deeply. Jackson is already forced to wear hearing aids and has undergone surgeries to repair his vision. He does not let this affect his kindhearted spirit, though.

Dan took to social media and wrote an extremely heartfelt post about his son. He let the world know the true pain that Jackson was experiencing. He spoke openly about the barbaric treatment that his son went through. His words touched the hearts of many, causing the post to go viral almost immediately. It is safe to say the post has had the desired effect.

Ever since it began to circulate, other kids at Jackson’s school have reached out to offer their friendship to the little boy. For Dan’s part, he does not blame the school for what has taken place or even the teachers. In his mind, the responsibility for teaching kids right from wrong lands squarely on the shoulders of the parents. Adults should be leading by example and we urge parents everywhere to pass this story along as soon as possible.

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