Dad throws a surprise birthday party for his dog, Corgi has the most priceless reaction

Our dogs may not always be as well behaved as we would like, but they deserve our love and affection no matter what may happen along the way. Owning an animal is a learning experience for both the human and their pet and stories like these go to show just how awesome this experience can be over the long haul.

One of the best things that an owner can do to show appreciation is celebrate their birthday and the Corgi in this clip certainly appreciates the effort that his father has put in to make sure that his birthday is one of the most special experiences that his fur baby ever has.

When it comes to the dog’s surprise birthday party, his father pulled out all of the stops and nothing was left to chance. Ryen Lung is not content to merely give his pup a loving pat on the head and a warm hug, he has thrown his furry friend a full fledged rager of a party.

Not only has he gone through the trouble of throwing a great party for his pup, but he has even rounded up all of his doggy pals to make the day even more special. This is the kind of special touch that allowed Gatsby the Corgi’s party to be one of the most special shindigs that we have ever witnessed.

This party marked Gatsby’s third birthday and with any luck, he will have many, many more to come. We are certainly jealous of this awesome looking party, as we wish we could have been there to help Gatsby ring in the special occasion with all of his best friends and most loved family members.

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