Her Dad Wears The Same 20-Year-Old Shirt, Then Finds A Clue In A Photo That Brings Her To Tears

A Twitter user by the name of 922_riaru recently noticed that her father was continuing to wear an old shirt over and over again, despite the fact that this article of clothing was a whopping 20 years old. When she took the time to take a closer look at her deceased grandfather’s old belongings, the pieces of this puzzle slowly began to fall into place.

There are several photos of her grandfather clad in the polo shirt and her deceased mother is also wearing a similar shirt of a different color. The photos were taken during her parents’ honeymoon and it is clear to see why the shirt holds such a strong amount of sentimental value. 922_riaru did not realize that the shirt meant the world to her dad for this reason.

He wears it for most special occasions and if the shirt develops any holes, the dedicated father sews them right back together. Once she realized the true reason why he loved the shirt so much, she decided to share the story with her Twitter following. Everyone enjoyed this tale of dedication so much, the story has now passed around and re-tweeted over 80,000 times since its original posting.

As for 922_riaru, her feelings about the shirt have shifted dramatically. While she used to think her dad was merely being uncool like all of the other dads who refuse to stop wearing the same clothes over and over again, knowing the reason why he does so makes a world of difference and caused her to reassess the entire ritual.

This is her father’s way of keeping memories alive and making sure that family heirlooms are never forgotten about. 922_riaru has been inspired by her father to treasure her own memories more and is following his lead. She says that she will never throw away anything that reminds her of her grandparents and her parents and we hope that more readers are willing to follow in her footsteps.

Posts like these can definitely make you stop to think and if you loved this story like we did, then be sure to take a moment to share it with your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible. They will definitely appreciate this tale of dedication and once you have seen these adorable photos for yourself, you would be remiss not to pass them along to your family members as soon as possible.

Source: Buzzfeed

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