Daughter comes home from school crying after being teased, then dad shows up with a surprise

Those of us who are familiar with the Adam Sandler classic Billy Madison probably remember the scene where his “classmate” wet his pants and Billy elected to throw some water on his too, in order to save his little buddy the embarrassment of being mocked by his peers for his poor bladder control.


This father may not have seen the aforementioned film, but he certainly emulated its strategy when his little girl experienced an “accident” recently. Just about every child experiences this at some point in their life and we are glad this little girl has a dad who truly cares.


Valerie’s accident took place at school and as soon as she realized what had taken place, she called her mother Connie to give her the news. Connie then contacted her husband (who is named Ben) and let him know that Valerie needed to be picked up from school as soon as possible.


Before heading out the door to pick up his child, Ben had a great idea for how to eliminate her embarrassment. He splashed a bunch of water on the front of his pants to match Valerie’s accident and took a few photos of the occurrence for laughs.


Little did he know that these photos would soon go viral and that he would be lauded for being a great dad as a result of his actions. While this might not be the traditional way to handle such an incident, Ben is definitely not like most dads and we are happy to see that Valerie was able to get through this rite of passage unscathed.

Would you be able to do something like this for your little ones? Be sure to sit down and show them this incredible story, so that they are well aware of just how much they are loved by you!

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