Daughter Returns Home From School Starved, Mom Learns Teacher Has Been Messing With Her Lunch

When we send our children to school with lunch, we do so with the belief that it will provide them with enough nourishment to make it through the day. Leeza is a resident of Aurora, Colorado and she would send her four year old to school at the Children’s Academy each day with a packed lunch. Even though little Natalie was given plenty of food to eat, she would return home starved each day.

As it turns out, Natalie’s teacher was taking it upon herself to remove cookies from the child’s lunch and she even sent a note home to her mother about the importance of sending children to school with a nutritious meal. She went on even further, letting parents know about which foods would be considered acceptable for their little ones to eat. A healthy lunch is important, but it is not the teacher’s place to decide what children eat.

After all, it is more important for children to actually eat the food that is packed, as opposed to living up to some teacher’s ideal of healthy eating. This teacher has a lot of gall. We cannot imagine depriving children of food because we do not personally approve of it and had this been our child, we are frightened to think of how badly we might have lost our temper.

How can a child learn anything if their tummy won’t stop rumbling? That’s not even to mention the emotional impact that takes place when a perceived authority figure decides to starve you. Hunger is not conducive to the learning process and when Leeza finally caught wind of this awful teacher’s practices, she immediately sprung into action.

It is her decision what Natalie eats each day and it is certainly not the school’s place to overrule a parent like this. The school can certainly offer input as they see necessary, but taking food out of a child’s mouth is a bridge too far. If you ask us, the school is lucky that they got off as easy as they did for this atrocious behavior and they are especially fortunate to have escaped legal action.

What if poor little Natalie had grown faint as a result of the starvation? She could have fallen and hurt herself. Throwing away perfectly good food to prove some asinine point is not the way to go and this does not teach a child any sort of useful lesson. We are glad that Leeza got through to this school and we hope that Natalie is able to eat every last morsel that is packed in her lunch bag.

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