Deadbeat Dad Accused Of Rubbing Something Terrible In His Baby’s Eyes

Michael Foltz currently stands accused of abusing his infant child and while we definitely struggle to understand why any parent would intentionally injure their own child, this case is particularly hard to swallow for a number of different reasons and we hope this father receives the harshest possible penalty.

When the child’s mother noticed that her baby had developed severe bruising over her eyes, she immediately rushed the child to the emergency room to receive a much needed diagnosis. In addition to the eye bruising, she also had markings on back, shoulders and chest. The poor child was even foaming at the mouth.

The father was asked about his monstrous actions and finally admitted to experiencing frustration when it came time to put the child’s bib on. He also admitted to smacking the baby with a wooden spoon and we cannot even begin to fathom what kind of monster would ever behave in such a horrific manner.

The dad even threw fireworks in his daughter’s face and sprayed her with hot water. The poor baby was only two months old!

He rubbed cayenne pepper and hot sauce into the child’s eyes, as if the previous actions were not enough. The child was also sprayed with hot water and we cannot believe that someone would treat a two month old baby that they created in this manner.

He now faces multiple felony charges as a result of these actions and we hope that he receives the harshest punishment possible for what he has done. No baby ever deserves to be mistreated by the people who are supposed to be nurturing them and our heart goes to the mother of this child, who is now forced to confront the fact that she chose a monster of a human being to share this important responsibility with.

Please share this story to spread awareness about the widespread child abuse that is currently taking place all across America. With any luck, this man will be imprisoned before he has a chance to injure his precious blessing any further.

Source: KFGO

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