Disguised predator kidnaps little girl, then two teens save her with three chilling words

Now that we live in an age where you make friends with the use of the Internet, most of us fail to pay the proper amount of attention to the people who are closest to us. Fortunately for the child that you are about to meet, her neighbors were at the ready and able to help as soon as a potential disaster was about to strike.

Jocelyn is your typical five year old girl and the tyke was riding her bicycle in front of her grandmother’s apartment on a normal afternoon. Her mother was monitoring her from a nearby window, but when a strange man pulled up and asked the little girl if she wanted ice cream, Jocelyn was whisked into the vehicle instantly.

Her mother Jaimee was left in a panic and she contacted the police as quickly as she could. While a team of emergency professionals had blockaded the street and enlisted a group of police dogs, it was of no use. Luckily, two resourceful teens named Chris and Temar were on the case.

Temar was shown a picture of the missing child and he and his friend sprung into action immediately. When the boys came across a car that was making odd turns and going out of its way to avoid law enforcement vehicles, they knew that they had found the perpetrator.

Temar finally had the chance to pull up alongside of the mysterious sedan and he said three words that would change the course of Jocelyn’s life: “I see you.” These words had a profound effect on the would be kidnapper and he immediately dropped the child off at the end of a hill.

This young man is now a hero and best of all, he does not want any credit for what he has done. He believes that he was merely doing the right thing and thanks to his efforts, the kidnapper (who also happens to be a convicted sex offender) has now been brought to justice. Please share this awesome story about a young hero with your family and friends.

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