Doctor Fears The Worst When Dad Has Bad Cough, Jaws Drop When They See The 40-Year-Old ‘Tumor’

Children will be children. At least that is how the old saying is supposed to go. While most children are able to play in a manner that is essentially safe, there are other little ones who find themselves getting into a great deal of mischief. Some children cannot resist the urge to put foreign objects into their mouths. This practice is usually harmless, but it can lead to serious harm in certain instances.

This British postman recently visited a doctor after he experienced a nagging cough that he could not get rid of. The cough persisted for over a year and since Paul the postman was a heavy smoker, he was believed to have lung cancer. An x-ray was taken of his lungs and a “tumor” was discovered. But once they took a closer look, they discovered something incredible.

From there, a bronchoscopy was performed. For those who are not familiar, this is when a doctor uses a fiber optic scope in order to take a closer look at the lungs. What the doctors had initially believed to be a cancerous tumor turned out to be a Playmobil traffic cone! The toy had been embedded in his lungs for at least 40 years.

He is believed to have swallowed the cone around the age of seven. His seventh birthday is when he first received the play set. Paul admitted to the doctors that he had swallowed toys on a regular basis when he was young. Fortunately for this postman, the doctors were able to reach inside of his lungs and remove the cone with the use of their forceps.

The doctors believe that he was able to survive without complications for as long as he did because he had swallowed the toy at such a young age. The body was able to adjust to its presence and his airways adapted with ease. It is common to hear stories about children who swallow toys and other foreign objects. This is the first time we have heard of complications presenting themselves this late in life.

Now that the toy has finally been removed from his lungs, Paul’s cough has gone away for good. We are glad to report that this story has ended so happily. Let this be a wake up call for parents everywhere. Be sure to keep a close eye on your child when they are playing and remove any foreign objects that haven been placed into their mouths immediately.

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