This Dog Was Framed For The Murder Of A Cat And Given Life In Prison

There are a number of key differences between humans and dogs. A human can willfully commit a crime, while this is an ability that a dog simply does not possess. When a human becomes angry at another human, they can allow their anger to overpower their common sense and develop a plan for revenge as a result. On the other hand, a dog’s anger only lasts until they are given a treat or a belly rub.

From the looks of this story, it seems as if dogs are not nearly as immune to committing crimes as we would like to think. Pep the dog was actually charged with a murder and while this may seem like a far fetched story, this is the sort of tale that will certainly serve as a major test of your wits. The dog was not only charged with the crime, but he was also widely considered to be one of the most bloodthirsty animals in the nation.

To this day, this black Irish setter is the only canine to ever be handed a life sentence for murder. The crime took place back in the 1920s and according to the media outlets of the time period, he was said to have offed a cat that belonged to a very important woman. Griffin Pinchot was the governor of Pennsylvania at the time and the cat is said to have belonged to his wife.

Pep was not even given parole for his crimes and this fact becomes even more unbelievable once we learn that he’s not actually responsible for the crime he allegedly committed. While it would be fun to chalk this up to an elaborate framing that went horribly awry, the story was a complete fabrication that was designed to entertain audiences of the time period.

Pep was actually given to the governor’s family as a gift and while he was eventually removed from the home, his murderous impulses were not the culprit. The dog developed a penchant for gnawing on couch cushions and the wife elected to relocate the dog as a result. The dog was sent to prison to assist the criminals in their rehabilitation, not because he was so scary and fearsome.

Not only was he beloved by the governor’s family, but the prisoners loved him as well. Once word spread about the “murder”, the governor’s wife even took the time to set the record straight about what had truly taken place. While Pep might not be the mad dog that he was portrayed as, he has established a legacy that carries on today and service dogs are still used in prisons around the world. Share this fascinating story with your friends and loved ones!

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