Dog reported missing for 6 weeks in dangerous mountains. Hikers set off to find the missing dog

When it comes to the loss of an animal, there are few worse feelings as a pet owner. Once we embark on the task of trying to find a lost animal, a certain hopeless feeling can set in and it often feels as if we are trying to find a needle inside of a haystack. Trinity and Sean recently saw a Facebook notice about a dog that had become lost at Mt. Bross and knew that they had to help.

While most people would not take on such an expedition without having any connection to the animal involved, Trinity and Sean are not like most people. Since they are both well acquainted with this mountain and hike it on a regular basis, they decided to put their knowledge to the test and try their best to locate the lost dog before it was too late.

They set out on the mountain’s trails one afternoon and called the dog’s name repeatedly. All of a sudden, they heard a dog’s barking coming from off in the distance. The sun began to set that day and they were not able to complete the task. They returned to their homes and resolved to return early the next morning. Trinity and Sean spent four hours shouting into the mountain air, hoping to hear the bark again.

At long last, a small bark came from behind a sizable boulder. They would soon find the lost dog, who was terrified and would need care immediately if she was going to survive. Chloe was finally free from her makeshift mountain prison and she was reunited with her grateful owners almost immediately. But one key question remained: could she survive over the long haul?

The dog had been lost for six weeks and she would need assistance from the local vet if she was going to survive the trauma that she had experienced. The dog weighed in at 85 pounds before she was lost and by the time she was found, she weighed a mere 26 pounds! The fact that she even survived long enough to be found was stunning to the vets who took care of her.

It took her at least six weeks before her stomach was able to handle a regular feeding schedule and while it was a long, hard road back to her old self, Chloe’s resiliency must be commended. This fourteen year old dog was able to survive for a month and a half in the mountains. Best of all, this truly special dog is expected to make a full recovery!

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