Driver Is Lucky To Be Alive After Ice Block Smashes His Windshield On The Highway

Once wintertime arrives, we are forced to share the road with other motorists who may not be able to handle inclement conditions. You also have to remain vigilant when it comes to other problems that can take place on the road during this time of year. Snowbanks and black ice can cause numerous issues. One forgotten problem this time of year? The snow that collects on top of cars.

When you are wiping down your snow covered roof before hitting the highway, you might think that a good once over is enough. But it all takes is one missed patch of snow to cause a major problem for another driver. This harrowing dash cam video provides a terrifying glimpse into what can take place when we do not take the time to properly clean our vehicles.

Jeffrey was headed down the highway on a winter day to run some errands. He waited until the roads had cleared before embarking on his trip. While Jeffrey thought that he had taken the proper precautions, he was very wrong. When he first saw another car a few hundred feet in front of him, he did not think much of it. After all, we do need to share the highway with one another, don’t we?

A few moments later, bits of snow from the top of the other car’s roof began to pelt his own. What he saw next was utterly astounding. An entire sheet of snow that had collected on top of the roof lifted off from the roof in one neat clump. From there, the sheet of snow lifted into the air and started heading towards his vehicle at a frightening rate of speed.

The driver seemed to be totally oblivious as to what had taken place and Jeffrey could not blame him. He had bigger concerns at this point. The sheet of snow had not broken up at all. By the time the snow had made its way to the car, there was nothing Jeffrey could do but hope and pray. Check out this astonishing video if you would like to learn more about what took place once the snow impacted the windshield.

Please take a moment to share this story with your closest friends and loved ones. This is an especially important story for those who live in colder climates. By taking the time to clear the top of your car properly, you just might be saving a life!

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