Dying dog has terrible arthritis, owner helps him float in the lake to ease his pain every day


When we develop a relationship with our dog, this is the type of friendship that will always withstand the test of time. After all, dogs are our very best friends and there is no way to measure just how much they truly care about us, as the man in the story would learn.

John and his dog Schoep have developed their own simple routine each day and the two have spent 19 years together. John adopted Schoep when he was just a puppy, but his long life span has begun to take a serious toll on his body, forcing John to make some very difficult considerations.


Schoep’s body has undergone a sizable amount of wear and tear, as the injuries continue to add up. He has started to suffer from arthritis, as well as hip dysplasia. In addition to these issues, his hind legs have stopped working as well as they used to, causing him to freeze up while walking, which has become a very painful endeavor for him.

John has since had to develop a new daily routine for his best friend, one that allows him to stay off of his feet as much as possible. He now takes Schoep to the lake every day, so that he can receive relief from the pressure that his body has been under.


In 2013, Schoep finally succumbed to his old age, leaving a grief stricken John in his wake, who announced the passing of Schoep to his Facebook friends, letting them know that he could not catch his breath.

Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, a photographer friend of John’s, took a photo of the two in their final days that went viral. Be sure to pass this story along to your closest friends and family members on Facebook so that they can appreciate the bond that they shared.

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