Elderly Man Carries Bag Into Shelter. She Couldn’t Hold Back Tears After Seeing Inside

While we do live in a world where people behave in a rude and selfish manner from time to time, we are also blessed to share the planet with those who are willing to put their own needs to the side and assist others who require their help. Madison Sorrel visited the animal welfare shelter in Tulsa one day and what took place when she arrived will definitely touch your heart.

She came with the intention of adopting a dog and she left with an amazing story as well. When Madison was waiting for her turn to speak with a staff member at the shelter, she saw an elderly man walk in with a bag full of donations. He was carrying a grocery bag that was full of tennis balls and he was donating them in hopes that some friendly dogs would get the chance to play with them.

Isn’t this just about the most adorable thing that you have ever seen in your entire life? Acts like these might seem small and insignificant, but they mean the absolute world to an animal that is cooped up inside without a family to play with. The man was also making this donation on behalf of his own beloved animal, who had recently passed away.

Madison was reduced to tears at this gesture and when she took a picture of the man to post on her Twitter account, the Internet immediately rallied around him. We are never too old to take time out of our day to make others happy and this elderly man is a shining example of what can take place when we are willing to treat others in the same manner that we wish to be treated.

Simply put, you are never too old to follow the Golden Rule. This deed is even more selfless when you stop to realize that he no longer has a pet to call his own anymore. Madison wanted to find the man after she saw his good deed and while she was unable to speak to him directly, she did come into contact with some of his family members.

This post needs to be shared far and wide, as a reminder that animal shelters and rescues can use any and all donations that you have to offer. Even though a bag full of tennis balls might seem like a drop in the bucket to some, it means everything to animal shelters and rescues that find themselves in need of assistance.

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