Elderly Man Gives Away Free Flowers He Grows In His Backyard, But There’s Just One Catch

Illinois is home to some of the country’s finest farmer’s markets and the village of Orland Park is leading the charge. Its name has now been changed to “Market At The Park” and while the name has changed and there is new leadership in place, one 88 year old man is looking to provide the type of good old fashioned mirth and merriment that all farmer’s markets deserve to enjoy.

Rich Cariel was bringing his own special touch to the farmer’s market this year and the man’s backyard was full of the most precious flowers known to man. He had hundreds of Resurrection Lilies to share with the populace and he was not about to keep all of this amazing beauty to himself. These flowers bring a great deal of joy to all those who come across them and he’s handed them out to several locations that are in need of a little cheering up.

After having given the flowers out at various hospitals, nursing homes and libraries, “Market At The Park” was slated to be his next stop. Rich set up shop and he even brought an easel so that he could write down one important rule. The chalkboard easel read: “Free. Limit 3 if U give 1 away.”

A woman named Heather took notice and while she asked the man why he had decided to give the flowers away, she also had another question in mind. She was interested in finding out why the rule had been put into place. She needed to know why it was so important for this man to establish what seemed to be a somewhat arbitrary rule.

Rich’s sign was meant to encourage patrons to share the flowers with others, so that they could enjoy the same feeling that he has. A story like this reminds us of the importance of looking for beauty in any and all locations. While this market at Orland Park is certainly full of beauty, this old man’s gesture is one of the most uniquely beautiful gestures that we have come across in a very long time.

There is just something about providing someone with flowers when they are in need of a pick me up that is poetic and thoughtful. Take a moment to stop and think about this the next time you have a friend or loved one who is in need of some timely cheering up.

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