Even rescuers didn’t think these abandoned puppies would make it through the night


This is the story of a group of abandoned puppies who were found in a house that was not only vacant, but also decrepit and falling apart at the seams. The puppies were in the same level of disrepair as the home that they were squatting in and it was only a matter of time before they succumbed to their conditions.


Fortunately, these dogs received a timely rescue from the good people at Detroit Dog Rescue, as they were in very rough shape when they were found. They no longer had any fur to speak of, their eyes were swollen shut and even their skin had begun to start peeling away due to their deplorable conditions.


According to workers from the dog rescue team, this was one of the worst cases of neglect and abandonment that they had ever seen. However, all of the local animal shelters were full and unless the dog rescuers were willing to take on the responsibility of caring for these pups, they would eventually die.

The dogs seemed to be doomed and experts thought that it would be impossible for them to live a normal existence. Even the rescue team found themselves unsure as to whether they would be able to help the dogs or if they would only end up prolonging their intense suffering.


They elected to support the dogs in any way that they could and after providing them with 12 weeks of care, they slowly began to grow their fur back. After a long and difficult journey, their mange started to subside and they each grew a new and full coat.


We are happy to report that this story has a wonderful ending. Each and every one of these pups has now been given a proper home to live in and readers should pass this story along to raise awareness about the importance of funding your local animal rescue unit.

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