Tiny fairy doors are popping up all over this town, then a little girl decides to open one

Tiny ‘fairy doors’ are popping up in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, built into buildings, shops, and restaurants. They are hard to notice them but once you see one, you start to notice them everywhere.


Jonathan B. Wright, a father and a children’s book author, is believed to be the man behind the fairy doors.



“1993 or so is when we first discovered one in our own home. Inside of that door is a stairway that leads up to yet another door that has been locked every time that we’ve checked.”


When he was renovating his home, he decided to install some fairy doors for his daughters. They were such a hit, that he decided to install them in public buildings.


The first public fairy door appeared outside Sweetwaters Coffe and Tea in downtown Ann Arbor. Days later, another one appeared outside the Peaceable Kingdom.


“There are multiple things that have surprise me about the whole phenomena. One is the concept of things that are left for the fairies, their gifts. Somewhat like a wishing well concept, I guess, that children for the most part leave coins and drawings and little tiny trinkets for the fairies in the hopes that it will be a gesture of good will.”


Many children love these doors and have been known to leave little gifts.

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