Family notices bruises all over grandma, so they setup a hidden camera to catch horrible act


Warning: Some of the images shown in this story may be graphic and disturbing. Like so many older women, Minni Graham needed around the clock care. Her family found her a nursing home in Garland, Texas were the 98 year old great-great-grandmother could spend her final days in peace. But, the nursing home was not what she expected…


Minnie told her shocked granddaughters Shirley Ballard and Terri Hardin, that the caretakers at the nursing home were beating her. One caretaker was particularly cruel to her. Her family noticed the many bruises and injuries and became concerned. But when they talked to the nursing home’s management, they heard excuses like Minnie would keep falling out of her wheelchair. Thankfully Minnie’s family didn’t believe this story for a minute and devised a plan to catch the cowards in the act…


They decided to set up a hidden camera that would cover Minnie’s room. When they saw what the camera had captured they were more than disturbed. The so called caregivers were slapping her, pulling her hair and shoving her around. They also stuffed filthy cloth in her mouth and sprayed her with water…


As bad as the physical abuse was, it was not the end of it. The family listened in stark horror how some employees called their beloved grandmother and “ugly retard”. Minnie was crying for help and calling out for her family to rescue her. But this still wasn’t enough. The poor woman had to endure this abuse not from one of the nursing home’s caregivers but another employee pinched her and pushed her around with no compassion at all.

When the family showed the video to the police they took immediate action. The cowardly “caregivers” were dismissed from their jobs but sadly they were not brought to justice for their despicable crimes. Unbelievable one of the monsters even found a job at another nursing home and may even continue her abuse there as you are reading this. Maybe, if you share this story with enough of your friends this will change and these monsters are put behind bars.

Minnie passed away a few weeks after the video was published. One of her grandchildren is convinced that the abuse broke her will to live and that she simply gave up to escape her cruel reality. At the very least she knew that her family was standing up for her and would do anything in their powers to protect her. Share this story to make sure these monsters will never have again a chance to torture an innocent woman.

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