Family Reveals What They’re Doing After Winning $429 Million In The Lottery

We’ve all had that moment when we were considering playing the lottery, only to be told by our closest friends and family members that it is essentially a complete and total waste of money. While the chances of winning are typically slim to none, there’s no harm in spending a couple bucks, now is there?

The stories of those who’ve won the lottery during the moments when they most needed are always heartwarming to hear and so are the stories of those who utilize their winnings as a means of helping others who are in desperate need of immediate assistance.

When the Smith family became the lucky winners of a gigantic jackpot of $429 million dollars last year, their lives changed within a mere instant. The family elected to take their money instantly and by the time all was said and done, each family member had roughly $25 million dollars to play with.

They immediately paid off all of the debts and held a press conference to let the world know that they were planning on using their newfound windfall to assist their community. One year later, the Smith Family Foundation has been established and it is clear that they are living up to their word.

The money is being used to support various churches in the area and other organizations, as well as feeding citizens who find themselves living in poverty. Giving people the ability to obtain food, employment and the proper education is much more important to them than blowing their winnings on frivolousness.

These generous lottery winners serve as a shining example to us all and while they have always been giving people by nature, they are now able to do so on a much larger scale than ever before. We are glad to see this family giving back in such a selfless way and we urge to share this heartwarming story with others as soon as possible.

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