Famous Actor Took A Photo With A Fan, Wakes Up The Next Morning Realizing His Mistake

Ed O’Neill is known for his roles on the iconic sitcoms Married….With Children and Modern Family and while he is a bit of celeb himself, he had a recent encounter that proves that every celebrity cannot recognize when they are in the midst of another famous person.

When he paid his friend Ellen DeGeneres a visit during the summer of 2016, Ellen decided to share a hilarious moment where Ed proved that he is not nearly as plugged into pop culture as you would like to think he would be.


O’Neill was on his way to Hawaii while he was in the airport sitting alone, he was stunned when a pretty young fan came to introduce herself. He tossed on a Modern Family hat and the young woman approached him in a very nervous manner.

She let him know that she was a huge fan of the show and Ed engaged the young woman in a polite conversation. She then asked him if it was okay for the two to snap a photo together and Ed kindly obliged the young woman’s wishes.

He thought nothing of the moment and carried on his merry way, until the next day arrived and he received a text from his manager about a picture that had received tens of thousands of likes on social media. As it turns out, Ed’s fan had quite the sizable following herself and her fans loved seeing a photo of the two entertainers together.

While Ed did not feel bad about not knowing who the young woman was, Ellen had no problem razzing him over the experience. If you would like to find out more about who Ed’s biggest fan was and see more of her conversation with Ellen, be sure to check out the clip below.

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