Fans uncover eerie connection between the film ‘Home Alone’ and the TV show ‘Friends’

While there are plenty of people out there who are fans of Friends and Home Alone, there is a very strange link between the two that has only come to light in recent years. Even the biggest fans of this movie and television show did not notice and when you find out what it is, you’ll kick yourself for not knowing earlier.


Fans of Friends probably remember that Chandler and Monica moved away from the city and headed off to the suburbs towards the end of the series’ run. This was certainly a bittersweet moment for the happy couple, but there is something about their new house that you may not have noticed.


The house that became Chandler and Monica’s was actually the very same home from Home Alone and this might sound far fetched, but we urge you to bear with us on this one. They are both laid out in the exact same manner and this is a coincidence that is simply too much to ignore.


Once you look out the window of Chandler and Monica’s place, the similarities become even more glaring. The neighborhood that we all remember from watching Home Alone as children is the same neighborhood that the happy couple decided to move to in order to get away from New York’s hustle and bustle.


There is even a scene in Friends where the same wreath that is visible on the door in Home Alone is seen once again! Producers often use old footage as a means of saving money and from the looks of it, the producers of Friends could not pass up the chance to use Home Alone sets and footage.


To find out more about the link, check out this video and be sure to share this amazing find with your friends and family members as soon as possible!

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