Farmer Chained Baby Orangutan Between Two Buildings And Left Him There For A Year

Mingky the orangutan has had a very difficult life so far and our hearts go out to this poor baby. He has endured a year from hell, as he has been held prisoner at an Indonesian farm. His mother is nowhere to be found and it is believed that she is deceased. It is also believed that the person who captured Mingky is the one who gave him to his current owner.

This owner has treated the baby orangutan in an atrocious manner, chaining the creature between two residences. Panut Hadisiswoyo is the director and founder of the OIC (also known as Orangutan Information Centre) and according to his findings, Mingky was captured for entertainment related purposes. He was given a neck chain to hold him in place and has no ability to move freely about.

To make matters worse, the orangutan was offered zero protection from the elements. He had a two foot radius to call his own and some unstable concrete ground to rest on. The animal was completely miserable as a result of these awful surroundings and became utterly despondent. We cannot even begin to imagine what type of depression he is dealing with.

He was given fruit to eat and while passerby would see his awful predicament, no one tried to intervene. Once the OIC became aware of his whereabouts, they contacted the local wildlife authorities. Numerous laws were being broken and he was handed over to the Orangutan Information Centre. However, the former owner was not arrested.

Because of the abuse that he had endured, Mingky no longer trusted humans to have his best interests at heart. In order for the OIC to successfully save him, he had to be tranquilized. He is now in recovery at the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program. If he is able to make a complete recovery, he is expected to one day return to the wild. Mingky is finally receiving his happy ending, thanks to all of the selfless people who have banded together to save him.

The idea that someone could willfully any baby animal is as saddening as it is disturbing. That’s why this story needs to be shared with a much wider audience, so that awareness can be raised about the abuse of wild animals. Every animal deserves a fair chance to survive and no one should ever be ripped away from their natural habitat for the entertainment of others.

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