Find Out Why Your Dog Loves To Sit On Your Feet

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Have you ever wondered why your dog loves to sit on top of your feet so much? There are a number of dog behaviors that are difficult to decipher, as these pets don’t possess the ability to let us know more about how they are feeling and we are not always the best at guessing.

For example, have you ever wondered why your best friend howls in certain situations? This is because howling is thought to be an evolutionary trait and it is done that let other dogs know that they are present, so that they are given a fair warning.

What about dogs that run around in circles like madmen, in relentless pursuit of their own tail? Well, this one is actually somewhat easy to explain and your own theories might already have a lot of truth to them. Your dog actually chases their own tail around because they are very confused and may not even realize that the tail is actually a part of their own body.

Your dog may also bark at their own reflection and while this might seem hilarious, the reason for it is actually quite understandable. They have no ability to recognize their own reflection and are startled by the sight of another dog staring back at them.

If your pup walks in circles before they decide to lay down, this is actually an evolutionary trait that remains them from their days as ancient pack animals. Since a wild dog would usually lie in the grass, they would walk around in circles to naturally cushion the space.

They also sit on your feet as a means of helping themselves to gain warmth. While this might not be too comfortable for you, it is great for the dog, as they have located a natural source of warmth. Be sure to pass this story along to your friends and loved ones so that they can learn more about their pooch.

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