Fire Quickly Engulfs Home With 50-Year-Old Asleep Inside. Service Dog Refuses To Let Him Die

On one fateful night in Tucson, two teenagers’ thoughtless actions led to a fire that could have had an even more severe outcome, if not for the actions of one special service dog. These kids had decided that it would be a good idea to play outside with sparklers and the fire started as a direct result of their actions. A resident’s home was forced to pay the ultimate price for these careless actions.

Can you believe that the home that was torched belonged to a deputy sheriff who was retired? Chase happened to be sleeping at the age that the fire took place and his service dog who had been by his side for ten years was forced into action. Halo the dog was not going to allow his owner to perish as a result of the thoughtless actions of teenagers.

The man went from being sound asleep to feeling a dog tugging at his arm in no time at all. The animal chewed on his arm and alerted him to the danger that was taking place and we are scared to think about what would have happened had the dog not been present at this time. The fire began in the backyard and his shed was quickly demolished due to the fast moving flames.

Halo was not going to let Chase die and since the home did not have any working smoke alarms, Chase’s life was completely in the hands of the canine. In another stroke of luck, a group of police officers happened to be on the same road answering another call when they saw the fire taking place. The Tucson Fire Department was contacted to tend to the flames immediately.

Thanks to the assistance of the police officers, Halo and Chase were given the chance to escape to safety before they were burned alive. The fire had escalated to the point where it took a whopping ten firefighting units nearly 30 minutes to put out all of the flames. Because of heavy winds in the area, the fire was able to spread even more quickly than expected.

While no one was harmed by the fire, Chase’s home was totally destroyed. The American Red Cross stepped in to provide housing assistance and the teens who caused the fire were arrested by the police (as well as cited for the incident.) They are now slated to face the consequence of their foolish actions. Please share this story to raise awareness about the importance of fire safety.

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