Four 5th Grade Boys Dress Like Babies For Talent Show. When They Look Up, The Crowd Loses It

The 5th grade boys are students at New Braunfels Christian Academy. They elected to develop their own routine for the school’s talent show and they hoped that it would be well received by their audience members. While the prospect of seeing a group of boys doing a routine to one of Taylor Swift’s most popular songs is already funny enough, they added an incredible twist to the show that kicked things up a notch.

The song they chose was “Shake It Off” and the routine that they devised was a clever one. When the audience saw a mysterious black sheet on the stage, they had no idea what was about to happen and the resulting performance knocked their socks off as a result. When the sheet came up, the audience was stunned to see the group of 5th graders adorned in bibs.

The image was definitely a striking one and it set the stage for what was about to happen next. Once the song started to blare across the auditorium, the boys launched their perfectly choreographed routine and nailed it. They were not content to confine their routine to their own movements, either. Several cool and interesting props were incorporated to add a little bit of extra pizzazz.

We just may be witnessing the birth of future stars here and it would not shock us in the slightest to see these kids become a famous comedy troupe at some point. This is the type of memorable performance that you are going to want to watch more than once in order to truly appreciate it. The nuance and dedication to detail here is utterly amazing.

This crowd’s rapturous approval was not given for show and it is clear as day to see that they are legitimately enjoying every second of it. While we wish that we had been there to see it for ourselves, checking out this video is essentially the next best thing!

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