French Illustrator Depicts The Unseen Side of Women That People Don’t Want to See


There is a whole other side to women that we are not aware of and these living goddesses do their best to keep them away from their male counterparts. Cecile Dormeau decided that it was time for the world to learn more about the hidden side of women and this French illustrator has provided us with some interesting new perspectives.

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You do not have to be a feminist to appreciate these incredible works, all you need is an appreciation for the true intricacies of women. If you are the type of person who has been known to put women on a pedestal, this is the story that you need to read.

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While you might think that all of the time she spends on Instagram is because she wants to check her DMs and reply to the messages she is getting from hunks and studs from all over the world, she is actually looking at pictures of other beautiful women and slowly becoming more and more jealous.

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This tongue in cheek is also a realistic portrayal of what it is like for women who work out. The world sees her as a powerful and confident woman who is taking charge of her fitness, but on the inside, her body is crying out in pain and she feels absolutely terrible.

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The Happy New Year photo is the one that everyone should be able to identify with, whether they are a woman or a man. As we grow older, the urge to party and ring in special occasions with a raucous night on the town dissipates and it is replaced with an undying love and respect for a good night’s sleep.

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If you enjoyed these incredible illustrations as much as we did, it is time to pass them along to your closest friends and family members, so be sure to share them on Facebook.

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