Girl With Dwarfism Who Always Wanted To Meet Belle Ends Up In Tears After Belle’s Reaction

The Make a Wish Foundation has been making the dreams of various children come true for many years now. When little ones are experiencing terminal illnesses, they are able to make a wish and have it granted by an organization that truly cares. According to the statistics, one of these wishes is granted every 34 minutes within the United States and all of its associated territories.

Little Daisy has been forced to endure a life of dwarfism and she’s also had to undergo a wide range of surgeries on her back, neck and legs. Daisy wished that she would have the chance to go on vacation and meet a Disney princess and the organization was happy to provide her with the chance to do so. The princess that she wanted to meet the most? Belle of Beauty and the Beast fame!

She and her family went to Disney World and Daisy prepared for the occasion by getting all dolled up in a tiara and her fanciest dress. Daisy was extremely excited to meet Belle and it is important to note that these Disney characters are never allowed to penetrate the fourth wall. That means that they are supposed to stay in character at all times…with no exceptions.

The actress who would be playing Belle on this fateful day was told about Daisy’s condition ahead of time and she stepped up to the plate in a big way. She gave Daisy a tour of “France!” and the little girl could barely maintain her composure. Her tears of joy flowed freely and we cannot say that we blame her. After all, how many chances do you get to meet a bonafide princess during your life?

Once it came time to say goodbye, the woman struggled to remain in character and she was also struggling to keep from breaking down. She was so incredibly touched by the events that had taken place that day and this amazing moment is something that you will definitely want to see for yourself, so be sure to check out this heartwarming clip.

As soon as you have finished drying your eyes and forwarding the video to your closest friends and loved ones, we urge you to take a moment to consider the benefits of donating money to the Make a Wish Foundation. All it takes is one small donation to help this organization make the dreams of more special children like Daisy come true!

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