Girl sneezed while taking a selfie and things went hilariously wrong

If you have ever wished that you had the ability to capture a more in depth look at yourself through the magic of selfies, this is the perfect story for you. This is one of the most hilarious selfies that we have ever seen and the story behind it is even funnier. JuddJasper, a Reddit user, was willing to share it with us and we are ever so grateful that he did.

His girlfriend has a phone that provides a panoramic feature for selfies and in order for it to properly work, everyone must remain in the same position for the entire shot. However, she was unable to do so and she sneezed just as the picture was being taken. What you are looking at is not a special effect…it actually happened and we have the proof.

The results of this sneeze are something out of a comedic horror film and we must say that we have never seen anything like this before in our whole lives. The original comments for the picture were an absolute goldmine, as one user opined that the girl had managed to make herself look like one of those theater masks that depicts one side tragedy and one side comedy.

We prefer this take on the proceedings to the other possibility, which is that she was possessed by a demon just as the camera went off. If we were her boyfriend, we just might decide to sleep with one eye open after this, but that’s just us. Either way, this is one of the most hilariously unique pictures that we have ever had the privilege of looking at.

The next time that you think you are struggling to obtain the perfect selfie, just stop to think about this poor girl and all of the trouble she went through just because of one little sneeze. When you have to sneeze, there is simply no controlling it and this common and mundane bodily function provided the world with a photo that they will not soon forget.

This is the type of memory that will not only last for an entire lifetime, but may even linger into the afterlife. Please share this hilarious tale with all of your selfie obsessed friends who simply cannot seem to handle life without their trusty smartphones by their side. After all, they are bound to appreciate this girl’s ability to use special effects without even having to look for new and interesting filters in the process.

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