Girl’s Toys Kept Disappearing In The Middle Of The Night, Parents Setup A Camera To Catch Him


Having a child who is frightened at bedtime is fairly normal for most parents, who are used to the concept of checking the closet for monsters before their little ones finally catch some much needed shut eye. However, this little girl has a completely different set of complaints.

The Moser family and their two year old were left with a unique quandary, as her toys kept vanishing from her room in the middle of the night. At first, she suspected that her little brother was to blame for this issue, but her parents decided to investigate the matter further.


Her parents initially assumed that all she would need to do is lock her door in order to put a stop to his antics, but after a few nights went by, the toys continued to vanish and paranoia was at an all time high (and rightfully so, we might add.)

In order to put a stop to the ongoing toy theft, the resourceful parents set up a camera to watch their little girl’s room and placed it on night mode so that they could catch a clear glimpse of the infamous toy bandit while they were in action.


What happened next was completely astonishing and we are not here to spoil the following clip for you and your loved ones. This is the type of video that must be seen in order to be believed and those who wish to find out the cause for this mystery should definitely take a moment to check out the video for themselves.

Once you have seen this incredible video for yourself, it is time to pass it along to other parents in your life. They are sure to appreciate this family and the trouble that they went to in order to make sure that their daughter (and her toys) remained safe.

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