She Glazes It With Glue & Adds This All Over It To Create An Amazing No-Carve Halloween Pumpkin

Now that September is coming to a close, it is time to turn our attentions to one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year: Halloween. It won’t be too long before the jack o lanterns are outside and the Halloween decorations are one of the best parts of this awesome tradition.

While carving pumpkins can be a lot of fun, parents who wish to safeguard their little ones will definitely want to read on and learn more about the following no carve pumpkin ideas. Safety always comes first and if you want to skip the hassles associated with carving, it is time to take a closer look at these ideas.

When it comes to these doughnut pumpkins, we are hard pressed not to want to pick one up and eat it…if we’re being completely honest.

These accents provide a much more glittery look and allow your pumpkins to have some much needed glamour. These are a must for the princess in your family.

As for these pumpkins? We are not sure if we are supposed to be looking at pumpkins or if these are supposed to be disco balls.

This is one of the easiest decorations to replicate. All you need are some googly eyes, some paint and some fake wings and you are off and running.

Can you believe this pumpkin pattern was created with the usage of a simple Sharpie?

Grumpy Cat is one great character idea that you can use and there are a number of other characters that your children will find it fun to paint.

What a cool looking geometric pattern. As it turns out, all pumpkins do not need to be painted in traditional Halloween style colors.

This eye catching pattern has been brought to viewers courtesy of Washi tape.

To create this pattern, you are going to need to use a couple of metallic Sharpies and your imagination.

This pumpkin is so glittery, we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw it hanging off the end of a diamond necklace.

Are these people sure that they are not celebrating Easter? With all due respect, these look a heck of a lot like Easter pumpkins to us.

Does your child have a favorite Halloween phrase that they like to say? If so, this no carve idea is a great way to allow them to express themselves.

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