Golden Retriever has the best reaction when she learns she’s cancer free


Dogs are some of the most intelligent and perceptive creatures walking this earth and the story that you are about to read serves as proof of that. Dani was a mother to a beautiful Golden Retriever named Lily and when she found that her best friend was sick, she began to fear the absolute worst.


At this moment, she never would have guessed that her dog would make a full recovery, but miracles can happen. Lily’s sickness had left her unable to stand on her own and her internal bleeding also left her in need of an immediate blood transfusion.


As soon as Lily was stabilized, the bad news kept rolling in: she had developed a massive tumor on her spleen and was in need of an operation. If the operation was not performed immediately, Lily would only have a few more days to live and would likely suffer until she finally passed away.

Kevin (Dani’s husband) and his wife emptied out their accounts in order to fund the surgery and this surgery did not come without certain risks. The tumor was believed to have a 10 percent chance of being benign and while the dog may have still only had a few months to live, Dani wanted more time with her pup.


The surgery went off without a hitch and when the test results were revealed a week later, Lily’s reaction will have you smiling and laughing in equal measure. Lily might not have understood every word, but she definitely got the gist and her smile is definitely worth a thousand words.


This incredible video gives you all the proof you need that miracles still take place and we urge you to pass it along to the dog lovers in your life, so that they can share it on Facebook with their friends and family members.

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