This gorilla is causing quite a stir. When he turns around, you’ll see why


When we are in search of a smile, online videos that star animals who have various talents that you would not expect tend to be a common go to. While there are tons of hilarious videos about the adventures of dogs and cats, there are very few clips of our gorilla buddies…up until now, that is!

The best moments involving animals tend to be equal parts incredible and adorable. This gorilla definitely meets both criteria and this is a clip that you will have to see in order to truly believe. Humans have a great deal of DNA in common with gorillas and this video certainly proves it.


This gorilla’s name is Ambam and Ambam has created quite a stir, for all of the right reasons. He went viral when a clip circulated of him doing something that would seem 100 percent normal for the average human being. Not only was the gorilla walking, but he was using his hind legs to remain fully upright.

While this is certainly impressive for a number of obvious reasons, it is even more incredible when you stop to realize that the small difference in the percentage of shared DNA between humans and gorillas is what tends to account for our specialized abilities.


Gorillas will stand up from time to time, but they certainly never strut like our pal Ambam does. Some scientists believe that Ambam inherited this special trait from his father, while others believe that he has merely learned to mimic the actions of people around him.


In order to check out this fascinating gorilla for yourself, take time out to watch this amazing video. Once the clip has concluded, head to Facebook and post it on your news feed, so that your family and friends are also given the chance to appreciate Ambam in action.

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