After His Grandma Died, He Rips Up The Old Carpet To Find A Secret Safe In The Floor

Like most grandchildren, Reddit user “EvilEnglish” had a great relationship with PopPop and Nana. But after PopPop and Nana passed away, they left their farmhouse in Tennessee to their grandson. When he went to the house to clean it up, he noticed a very dirty carpet behind a mysterious door.


While cleaning out the old farmhouse, he removed some dusty old carpet to find a hidden safe under the floor!


He tried cracking it himself, but finally had to call a locksmith to break it open. he never thought he would find this inside…


Inside the safe he discovered a time capsule from the 30s. There was a 1937 coin book and lots of money!


Here is just a third of what was found inside the safe.



Some of the coins were extremely rare and in mint condition.


He also found a rusty old jewelry box…


…that contained bars of pure silver!


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