Grandma Notices Baby Bottle Is Darker Than Usual, Then Sees A Green Ring At Bottom

We are nothing without the help of our families and the foundation of family is what makes us what we are. Having the ability to rely on family during troublesome times is something that we do not always appreciate enough. In many instances, our family members are able to intuitively sense when we are in need of help and provide us with the assistance that we need before we even have to ask.

The mother in this story became a grandmother recently and used her motherly intuition to save the life of her grandchild. Her 11 week old grandchild was on the verge of drinking the breast milk that had been poisoned and when you hear the story behind this harebrained attempt to kill an innocent child, you will be shocked and saddened by the sheer callousness.

19 year old Sarai’s mother allowed her son, the child and his fiancee to stay in the home. Sarai did not like having these new additions to her home and she developed serious resentment as a result. Fortunately, Sarai’s mother picked up on this fact and her instincts let her know that there was something seriously wrong going on inside of her home.

When she went through Sarai’s cell phone to find out more about these awful feelings she was having, she found chilling text messages that not only confirmed her suspicions, but also shocked her to her very core. She had sent messages to her boyfriend about her desire to kill the child and had even lamented the fact that past attempts were foiled.

Sarai wanted to kill her niece and worst of all, she had zero remorse about the matter. As her mother looked through the text messages, she found photos of her nefarious plan, seizing them as evidence before checking her fridge. Sure enough, one of the bottles of breast milk had taken on a darker coloration and had a greenish appearance at the bottom.

Once her murderous plot was revealed to the police by her mother, Sarai went on the lam. She was eventually found by the authorities and now faces an attempted murder change for her unconscionable actions. Sadly, this mother was forced to turn in her own child in order to keep her grandchild safe. This grandmother is a hero and while the actions she took could not have been easy, they were most certainly the right thing to do.

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