Guy Gets Same Tattoo As His Adopted Dog, Quickly Realizes He’s Made A Horrible Mistake

This story is a prime example of how the most well intentioned actions can become potentially disastrous when we do not take the time to think them through. For example, we’ve all tried to help out parents around the house only to mess things up worse and we’ve all had that moment when we tried to take care of a somewhat difficult task on our own.

The man in this story had the best of intentions when he decided to get a tattoo to match the one that was given to his dog Bear by his former owners. These abusive owners had saddled the dog with a tattoo for reasons unknown and the man wanted to make his new pal feel better about the situation. While this may seem like a kind gesture, the backstory here is as hilarious as can be.

It was not until after the tattoo had already been finished that this man learned the awful truth. The dog did not have a tattoo that had been given to him by an abusive owner, the dog’s marking was actually meant to let the world know that he had already been neutered in the past. We cannot even begin to imagine the amount of shame and humiliation that this man must have felt when he came to this realization.

While it does make for a very funny story to tell and we are sure that the man is taking all of this in stride, we feel bad for him the next time he is hanging out with his buddies and enjoying some beers. This man is about to get roasted into oblivion and while the gesture was certainly sweet, we cannot stop laughing at the sheer absurdity of it all.

We also feel sorry for the tattoo artist who had to be bewildered by the man’s decision to tattoo the symbol that indicates animal neutering to the rest of the world on himself. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to explain to women that you are not actually neutered? However, this would be a rather clever tattoo for any man out there who has already received a vasectomy in the past.

If he does have a vasectomy? This story just vaulted from really funny to completely hilarious. We have so many questions here and we wish that we could meet up with this awesome guy to ask each and every one of them.

Source: CBS NEWS
Source: Imgur

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