Guys Walk On Stage Holding Only Pans. Now Watch What Happens When They Lift Their Arms

This is the type of video that everyone should take time out to watch when they are feeling a bit blue or they are in need of a pick me up during a long day of work. While most of us imagine scantily clad women when we think of burlesque routines, men are getting in on the act too…with hilarious results. Thanks to this clip (which took place at the Le Plus Grand Cabaret De Monde), you can now check out this hysterical routine for yourself.

Don’t be shy. This clip has already surpassed six million views on YouTube and if we had to guess, we would be willing to bet that these views are coming from repeat visitors. The clip features two chefs who are not clad in the typical attire that you would expect from those who are going to be spending time in a kitchen whipping up a feast.

The French duo has achieved international acclaim for their wacky antics and they are known as les hommes a poeles. Loosely translated into English, this means “the men with the stoves”. They are nearly nude and while this would attract enough attention on its own, it is what they do with the pots which are strategically placed that leaves audiences in stitches.

Once the moves become more risky and the men are at risk of losing their pans, their ability to switch pans allows them to remain somewhat covered. This act is not about indecent exposure, but the threat looms over its entirety. We can certainly appreciate the effort that these men place into their act and we urge all of our readers to take a closer look at this incredible video.

We only have one key question here: how in the world did these two manage to master this act without making any sort of painful mistakes? It must have taken an eternity for these gentlemen to get all of the nuances down pat and we sincerely hope that no injuries took place along the way. This is the type of video that we will definitely be passing along to all of our closest friends and family members.

Once you’ve seen the video for yourself, be sure to share it as well. All of the cooking aficionados and would be chefs in your life are bound to enjoy themselves. We hope that we have a chance to catch this astonishing act in person and will be placing this show on our bucket list.

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