She Hands Cute Porcupine An Ear Of Corn. When She Tries To Take It, Porcupine Say “My Corn”

When we stop to envision the cutest animals on the planet, we must admit that porcupines are not exactly the first creatures that come to mind. However, this story serves as a valuable reminder that cuteness can be found in places that we do not always expect. Since porcupines are equipped with very sharp quills that can do serious damage, we understand the desire to stay away.

A porcupine might seem pretty frightening to outside observers, but that does not mean that they are not capable of moments of adorableness. If they are merely going about their typical tasks and they are not being threatened in any way, the sharp quills lay flat. These animals are sweethearts unless they are treated in a manner that forces them into defense mode.

The porcupine in this story has achieved a level of fame that most of his counterparts never obtain. Thanks to his sassy attitude, he’s won himself quite a few fans. Can you believe that there is a porcupine out there in the world who is referred to as Teddy Bear, without one single trace of irony? He’s currently employed at Zooniversity and this company works in the world of traveling wildlife.

Children are taught about the nuances of wildlife, thanks to their roving cast of animals. Teddy was originally found in western Texas and the orphan was given a second chance at life. He and his caretaker Allison have developed an unbreakable bond that is built around delicious snacking. He gets to enjoy sweet potato bits and corn the cob on a regular basis.

When Teddy’s owner provided the animal with some corn on the cob to eat recently, his response when she attempted to take the snack back from the porcupine will have you dying of laughter. The sound that Teddy made when the corn on the cob was taken back certainly sounds an awful lot like “my corn!”, doesn’t it? We are going to go with our gut instinct here and this is what we choose to believe that we had heard.

Teddy has now become an online sensation due to his unique eating habits and we must admit that we had never heard a sound like this before. What a wonderful turn of events for our friend Teddy, who has gone from being an orphan to having a life filled with adoration and tons of tasty treats. Be sure to pass this story along!

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